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Your cleanscape

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The last thing anyone on vacation wants to be concerned about is cleanliness, therefore it’s the first thing on our priority list.

Before opening up Casa San Miguelito, we were in the healthcare industry, so cleanliness is part of who we are. Moreover, it is a part of good business practices – everyone wants to know that they are staying in a clean home, so we have always implemented evidence-based, hospital grade, eco-friendly and CDC-approved products and methods.

Our practices include disinfecting all surfaces and floors, dishes, and any item or area that could be touched by previous guests. Our beds are sealed – you should check this at any hotel or property you choose – and sheets, towels and pillows are sanitized prior to the arrival of any guests. The sanitary settings on our laundry machines are clearly visible within the cottage.

In addition to our amenities for a wonderful vacation, we promote a safe vacation: we provide masks and hand sanitizer for our guests and we have always required shoes to be left at the entry-way or outside.

For the safety of our cleaning crew, we air out the house for 24 hours before anyone can enter the property after visitors leave. Our crew wears PPE, changes gloves frequently, and after they are done, we use a black light to ensure that all surfaces have been cleaned and dried.

At the end of the day, you will have more than a good night’s rest – you will rest assured.


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Rest Assured !